Wolverines 33-34 Butchers

Gutting. In general, an up and down performance. Personally, awful. We need to improve. Advertisements

Music, Merriment and a Midsummer Meal for Mosquitoes (Me)

Midsummer is an important holiday for the Finnish people. It was first celebrated many years ago in Helsinki when a group of drunk Finns were sat in a bar, making their way through… Continue reading

Family Fun, Fitness and Fashion

I’m back. Fresh from a weekend with the family in Ireland to celebrate my Uncle’s birthday. It was great to see everyone and to have a couple of pints of Guinness straight from… Continue reading

Article on London Blitz

I’ve written an article on London Blitz, who will be facing the Kragujevac Wild Boars in the EFAF Cup final. Link is here:¬†http://www.ukamericansportsfans.com/blitz-looking-for-victory-in-europe I’ll write a normal post tomorrow hopefully. Bam x  … Continue reading

Byes, Breaks and Basketball

We’ve got a bye week this week. The week after is midsummer so the whole of Finland packs up and goes to their summer cottages. It’s nice to have a change of scenery… Continue reading

Jaguars 34 – 48 Wolverines

To start at the beginning, it seems, is possibly not the correct course of action when discussing the Wolverines. The sense of bewilderment at just how we were able to concede four touchdowns… Continue reading

Wild Boars Article

EFAF Cup finalists: Kragujevac Wild Boars In less than one month, the London Blitz will become the first British team to contest an EFAF cup final since the PA Knights loss to Tyrolean… Continue reading

Wild Boars, Well-Wishers and Wonderful Weather

This week has been a pretty darned good week. Thanks to all the people on Facebook (and in real life) who wished me a happy birthday. The nomadic life that I have been… Continue reading

Roosters film from week two

Just dug this up from someone’s facebook profile.

Fridges, Finals and Fractures

I’ve got a little bit of time to sit down and write now and my mind has gone completely blank, so i’ll just get going and see what I come up with. This… Continue reading

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