How To Write About A Week In Which Nothing Happened….

To say that nothing has happened is perhaps an over-exaggeration. Certainly there are not many good things that have happened to me. In fact, a number of bad things have happened to me.… Continue reading


This won’t be anything more than a short post I’m afraid. The score is there for all to see. We got hammered. It is not for me to diagnose why we lost so… Continue reading

Wolverines @ Broncos live stream Today’s game will be streamed here live at 17:00 uk time.

Game Week Begins

Finally it is upon us. The long months of the off season are behind us and we embark on the first game week of the season. It is always a week full of… Continue reading


Hi everyone, This is a quick post to share a video with you. It is Urho TV’s highlights from last season. Ignore the missed tackle – I’m sure that didn’t really happen. Enjoy!… Continue reading

Shutdown, Saunas and Space Nazis

It would be so easy for me to write yet another post about how Finland continues its battle to escape from the clutches of winter. However I am aware that there is a… Continue reading


As the snow slowly begins to recede, the harshness of Helsinki‚Äôs winter months begin to show in the landscape. The grass lies brown and flat, forced down and kept under cover of darkness… Continue reading

Mr Tumnus’s Great Deception

As if emerging from a cluster of fur coats, I stepped off the plane last night and into what appears to be Narnia. Having escaped winter for approximately a year, I was extremely… Continue reading

Jungle Workouts: Preseason in Bali

Last year, I had without a doubt the toughest off-season that I had ever put myself through. I worked tirelessly to prepare myself for the season, whilst battling against a back injury that… Continue reading

One More Year….. (Again)

Hello everyone! I hope life is treating you all well and that you have recovered from the strain and excitement of last season in Helsinki. I am extremely pleased to say that I… Continue reading

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