Wolverines 49 – 33 Crocodiles

We are back to winning ways again. That loss to the Roosters was a bitter pill to swallow for every person on the team so it is no surprise that the attitude at… Continue reading

Wolverines 42 – 51 Roosters

How I hate to write these posts. I guess it is part of the self-imposed responsibility of writing this blog. One must take the rough with the smooth; and how very rough this… Continue reading

Butchers 14 – 54 Wolverines

Naturally there was a lot of hype surrounding this game in the weeks prior to it. For whatever reasons, the relationship between the Butchers and the Wolverines has always been tense. Even in… Continue reading

How To Jo-Hannus Your Face Off

Juhannus. Without doubt, it is my favourite holiday of the year. Perhaps this has more to do with the novelty of having only ever actually celebrated it twice than it’s importance in the… Continue reading

Wolverines 57-0 Trojans

We have been waiting for three weeks to produce a defensive performance to complement the outstanding production of our offence. As I pointed out last week, we have had two solid games from… Continue reading

Wolverines 54 – 14 Northern Lights

Another week, another comprehensive victory. It is fair to say that we have put in a couple of accomplished performances in the opening two games. It is a tough trip to make from… Continue reading

Dealing With The Media

It is becoming apparent that I am moulding a reputation in the world of Finnish football. Exactly what type of reputation, I am afraid I cannot tell you because I do not know… Continue reading

Start As You Mean To Go On

As regular readers will be aware, I have been on holiday recently. Rather than regaling you all with fantastic tales of my Caribbean antics, I left the blog alone whilst I was away.… Continue reading

EFL Over For 2012

Almost as quickly as it had begun, our journey in Europe’s premier competition has come to an abrupt end. Slim hopes of a miraculous recovery from a deficit of over 40 points were… Continue reading

Wolverines V Calanda Broncos Live Stream

Today’s game against the Broncos will be streamed live on the website below. I’m assured that it will be better quality than the stream two weeks ago. Kick off is at 4pm UK… Continue reading

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