Gameday build up

Today marks the point that I have been working towards for the past 6 months. Early mornings in the Gym and evening football workouts with Dave and Little Stewey have all been directed… Continue reading

First impressions of Helsinki

We are regularly informed from all corners that Kontula is the ‘ghetto’ of Helsinki. Other than the people being generally drunk and unattractive (we fit in well), it seems like a fairly nice… Continue reading

Erm….. Blogging explosion!

Righto. It seems that this blog has taken off somewhat as the Head Coach has posted it on the Finnish League message boards and beyond. It’s been live for about 5 hours and… Continue reading

Football Matters

Seeing as it’s the reason I’m here, I’d better start with football. The team is a great group. There are around 35 – 40 Finnish players who are all excellent by European standards.… Continue reading

Bonjour from Sunny Suomi

Well hello there everyone. Welcome to yet another of my attempts to write a blog, that will inevitably end in about a week’s time. Previous attempts include ‘I hate sweaty backpackers’, ‘Team Nambodia’… Continue reading

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