I wanted to put a little bit about a couple of charities that I think are well worth supporting. They both support people who have become tetraplegic following some kind of accident and they really work hard to improve the quality of people’s lives. Please take a minute to check them out and help them in any way possible, whether it be through a financial donation or simply spreading the word about their work. Tetraplegia (or Quadriplegia) is a result of a severe spinal cord injury usually following a broken neck. Tetraplegics are unable to walk and have limited reach and dexterity as use of the arms is severely impaired.

Regain – the Trust for Sports Tetraplegics purchase specialist equipment for people who have become tetraplegic following an accident playing sport. The charity purchases equipment such as specialist wheelchairs, computer equipment and handbikes. All of this equipment is aimed at improving the conditions of life of the recipients.

The Back-Up Trust provides tetraplegics with wheelchair skills training, mentoring and rehabilitative activity courses. These activities grow confidence and independence by challenging participants and encouraging them to venture outside their comfort zone. Their aim is to show people that they can still realise their potential after a spinal cord injury.

Action for Charity is a company that runs fundraising challenges for a number of charities. In 2009 two of my friends and I took part in the ‘Cycle Vietnam to Cambodia’ challenge in which we covered 450km in 5 days under the banner of ‘Team Nambodia’. This was an event organised by Action for Charity to raise funds for Regain. The entire event raised over £100,000 for the charity. The next ride for Regain is India in November 2010 and I strongly recommend that you consider it. If you are interested, visit the website.

Cycle Vietnam to Cambodia 2009

Please take a look at these charities and learn a little about tetraplegia. If you can help, please do.