Wolverines 49 – 33 Crocodiles

We are back to winning ways again. That loss to the Roosters was a bitter pill to swallow for every person on the team so it is no surprise that the attitude at practice was fantastic last week. It showed in this week’s performance, where despite struggling early on, we pulled together and produced a good performance against the league’s only unbeaten team.

As the season grows older, however, the cost becomes more significant. Our squad has been decimated by injuries all year and this week’s game added me to the growing list of players who will not see the end of the season.

Before the Maple league had even started, we lost Tatu Tarkiainen and Sampsa Samela to knee surgery. Since then, we have been conducting an exercise in damage limitation, particularly on defence. In the next game against TAFT, it is possible that we will be playing without two starting linemen, two starting linebackers and three of our starting defensive backs.

It is in the nature of the sport that we play, so it is something that I am quite sure that we will overcome. However it is beginning to take its toll on the healthy players, who are now having to put in extra work where our squad has lost depth. Coaches Seppa and Garza have made the necessary adjustments to ensure that we do our best to keep the rest of the team in shape for the upcoming games. It will certainly help that we are finally off the velodrome turf until at least the semi final.

No caption necessary.

On a personal note, my season as a player is now finished. During the game on Sunday, I sustained ruptures to the ligaments in my ankle and tore some fragments of bone away from where they should be. As a result, I am now wearing a rather fetching plaster cast and will continue to do so for the next four weeks.

I chose the cast myself….. Wolverine claws.

There is some irony in the fact that the ankle that is now in plaster is not the same one that I injured over a month ago against the Trojans. On that occasion, I suffered small tears to the ligaments in my right ankle but was cleared to continue playing as long as I could manage the pain effectively. Thus I am now in the rather irritating scenario of having to use crutches and place all of my weight on an ankle that I have been limping on for over a month. Confused? Basically, I have broken my ankle, but it’s the other one that’s causing all the pain.

Of course, I am going to stay here in Helsinki with the Wolverines. Just because I am not playing, it does not mean that my responsibility to the team is in any way diminished. Peetja (the team owner) and Coach Seppa have agreed to allow me to help out in any way that I can while we continue to defend our title.

As a consequence, I hope that the blog will be receiving a little more attention in the coming weeks. The content may have altered somewhat, as I am sure that my frustration at sitting out the season will seep through into my writing. This damned cast is already itching. Over three weeks to go. Bugger.




Finally, I’d like to introduce you to our latest house mate. His name is Benson and he lives in our jungle / garden. We shan’t be slapping him though. We have enough injuries already.