Wolverines 57-0 Trojans

Linemen….. *sigh*

We have been waiting for three weeks to produce a defensive performance to complement the outstanding production of our offence. As I pointed out last week, we have had two solid games from a defensive point of view. However, we were still falling short of our targets and looking for a really big game to reward us for the hard work that we have been putting in with Coach Garza.

Well this week we took a good solid step in the right direction, falling just one turnover short of meeting all of our team goals. We achieved our first shut out of the season against the Trojans, who continue to look for their first victory. On top of that, we turned the ball over three times and one of our defensive linemen (Victor Sarvi) took an interception back for a touchdown.

Our offence continued to rack up the scores. Cedric threw a whopping six touchdown passes, taking his total to thirteen in just three games. Tommy Pinta reeled in a highlight film special with one hand at the back of the endzone. I’m pretty sure he was winking at the cameras as he caught it.

English referee. Weird.

You can see all the touchdowns from the game here.

The statistics are available here.

One thing that did take me by surprise was a southern English accent on Turku’s sideline. Apparently the association are now recruiting referees from Blighty. I tried to find out more but he really wasn’t in the mood to talk, spluttering “Ich spreche Deutsch” in response to my enquiries.


We have a two week break now before taking on the Butchers in Porvoo. They currently lie at  an uncharacteristic 0-3 for the season. But it is the Butchers… We shan’t be taking them lightly


All photos courtesy of touchdown.fi