Wolverines 54 – 14 Northern Lights

Another week, another comprehensive victory. It is fair to say that we have put in a couple of accomplished performances in the opening two games. It is a tough trip to make from Oulu to come down to Helsinki to be welcomed by three hours on a wet velodrome turf. We definitely took advantage of that and managed to secure a comfortable win over the visitors.

Coach Garza in his first game with the Wolverines.

Once again, our front seven was phenomenal. I believe the Lights were kept to under twenty rushing yards in the entire game. We were a little frustrated in our pass coverage as we were beaten a couple of times in situations where we would like to be more solid. Luckily it is early days with new defensive coordinator Mark Garza so we should be able to iron out the difficulties this week and put in a better all-round performance against Turku. Having said all that, we did hold the opposition to under 150 yards passing. Not a terrible effort at all.

Judo chop?!?

This guy was chastising me at the end of the game for putting my hand on his face mask on a punt return. Anyone for a healthy dose of hypocrisy?















Next week we play against the Trojans of Turku. They are currently 0-2 after losing to the Jaguars in a double overtime game this week. Once again, we are expected to win. Having said that it just presents another challenge to us in the form of our own complacency. Every week, we set ourselves targets as a defence and until we consistently attain them, we are not at the level that we wish to be at.

Coach Randi lays down the law.

Congratulations are in order this week for TAFT Vantaa. They won their first game since returning to the Maple League this year. They shut out the Porvoo Butchers last night, scoring a couple of touchdowns and a safety to win 18-0 on their home turf. Congratulations to them.

Photos courtesy of Riku Flink.