Dealing With The Media

It is becoming apparent that I am moulding a reputation in the world of Finnish football. Exactly what type of reputation, I am afraid I cannot tell you because I do not know myself. But in the past week I have seen two stories on a Finnish football website, citing extracts from this very blog. I haven’t yet managed to obtain a translation of either story so it remains a mystery to me as to whether I am achieving fame or infamy. Either way, people are taking an interest in what I have to say on here. I’m not sure I like that.

The bad boy of the Maple League? Who knows? Photo courtesy of Riku Flink

The first quotation came from a post in which I lamented my impending return to our home field. ‘I am not relishing a return to the sandpaper surface of the Velodrome’ I wrote, ‘I have donated enough skin to that field to supply the SAJL with Bamskin footballs for the next few seasons. Save the pigs!’

I have no idea of the context in which this was taken. Google Translate, as ever, is no help whatsoever. The headline could read ‘Hero Hennessy leads cries for players’ safety’. Equally, It could state ‘Complaining Hennessy whines about historical monument’.  Who knows? Except for people that can read Finnish.

Later in the week, I saw my name in print once more. This time, in an article that Google Translate helpfully entitles: ‘Dress Code Disconcerted By Maple Opening’. Hmm. Predictably, the quotation in this article came from my most recent piece and it highlighted my bemusement at the requests of this weekends referees for us to take off protective under shirts as they were the wrong colour. Once again, I have no idea how I came across in this article and it is particularly disturbing as the quotation was translated to Finnish. For all I know, my name could have been preceded by the words ‘the idiot’.

It is fantastic that my blog is getting out there. I love that people are paying attention to my confused stumble through Scandinavian life. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about people passing judgement on my writing in a language that I don’t understand. I just hope they realise that it’s bad form not to give a link back this blog….

I would say that the most amusing part of this whole episode is the third article that I found on the news website whilst researching for this. The review for the game we just played against the Jaguars was on the site last week. It mentions all of our import players somewhere in the article….. well….. nearly all. I guess if I’m going about my business quietly on the field, I’ll have to keep writing to get in the papers.

Highlights of this weekend’s game: