Shutdown, Saunas and Space Nazis

It would be so easy for me to write yet another post about how Finland continues its battle to escape from the clutches of winter. However I am aware that there is a recurrent theme appearing in my posts this year so I will try to focus on something other than the weather for once.

It has been quite tough to get back into the swing of things thus far. We continue to have limited field time because we have to practice indoors as a result of the aforementioned banned topic. On top of that the city closed for the long Easter weekend, leaving it looking like a scene from an apocalyptic horror movie. Only inebriated packs of zombies clawed their way through the streets in the daytime, refusing to retire to their houses for fear of the inevitable hangover that chased them out of the nightclubs in the early hours. For us, it simply meant that the gym was closed for four days. Luckily, Bali has given me a creative approach to workouts that allowed me to do some work in the apartment.

Finland at Easter? Photo courtesy of

Thankfully, none of these challenges were enough to keep the Wolverines from getting together for one of the more bizarre team meetings that I have ever been to. Set against the backdrop of one of Finland’s famed sauna parties, the team set out goals for the season as well as a set of team rules and expectations. When the work had been done, the Finns did what they do best and got thoroughly hammered. Having taken a vow of sobriety, it was quite fun to sit back and watch the boys get thoroughly smashed. What followed was a bizarre stream of incomprehensible babble, deeply heartfelt speeches given stood atop chairs wearing only towels and party games that seemed to have no point other than to keep Santtu busy. Santtu is my house mate. We shall learn more about him as the season goes on.

Finally for now, there is a film out at the moment called ‘Iron Sky’. I am yet to see it, but it is probably the most talked about topic in Helsinki. It is directed by some famous Finnish director and is the highest budget film ever to come out of this country (so I am told). I will definitely part with my hard earned cash in order to see it has the most bizarre theme since Gay Cowboys. This time we’re dealing with Space Nazis.

Space Nazis from Finland. How can this not be brilliant? Photo courtesy of

I’m imagining Star Wars meets Indiana Jones with the rather absurd omission of Harrison Ford. Unfortunately I have heard nothing but the most terrible reviews about the film. My friends seem almost embarrassed about it. The Finnish have a nationalistic pride that exhibits as ownership of anything they export. But despite the poor reviews……. it’s space Nazis…. How could you not watch that?

Less than two weeks until the Eurobowl opener. The excitement is building.