Mr Tumnus’s Great Deception

As if emerging from a cluster of fur coats, I stepped off the plane last night and into what appears to be Narnia. Having escaped winter for approximately a year, I was extremely disappointed to find Finland blanketed by a significant covering of snow. I am no stranger to cold weather, but am usually far better equipped to handle the sub-zero temperatures. But as the Finns stroll around in their skiing gear, I cower indoors in my shorts and T-shirt, feeling foolishly betrayed.

Room with a view. A cold one.

People have told me in the past that it gets chilly here, but it only happens during the winter months when I am absent. But with our entry into the Eurobowl this year, the season has started early. Hence the snow. The picture outside brings home an awful realisation regarding the eating of reindeer. It makes it seem more horrifyingly real…

However, I did receive a fantastic reception at the airport. The team’s owner Peetja was joined by my friends Ama and Marski, who showed up to surprise me when I got off the plane. The three of them were a sight for sore eyes, huddled under a (figurative) lamppost like Mr Tumnus, the lion and the white witch. I stared frozen and bewildered, like dwarf in need of some turkish delight.

Tonight is the first practice. Luckily we are indoors. I am thoroughly excited to see all the old faces again, as well as all of the fantastic new signings we’ve made.