Playoffs, Positions and Parents to be

Not me. Don’t worry, there are no little Bams on the way.

Those parents to be are my sister Kayt and her husband Andrew who are expecting their first child in November. They have been huge supporters of me and the Wolverines over the past two years and this weekend they were finally able to fly out and see our game versus the Jaguars.

Its the first time they have seen me play a game at this level and it was a great thrill to have them watching in the stands with my friends who were there cheering us on as usual. Thankfully we were able to come away with a comprehensive victory over the Jaguars to secure our place as the third ranked team for the playoffs. This means that for the second year running, we will face the Butchers for a place in the Maple Bowl. The game will be on Sunday evening at 6:30pm Finnish time (4:30 UK time).

The past couple of weeks have seen a change in position for me as injuries in our receiving corps have left it somewhat depleted. I played against the Trojans and the Jaguars as a receiver and have been largely kept off defensive duties. Our secondary has been doing a fine job without me and it has been a good opportunity to get some more experience under my belt at receiver. In the playoffs I will most likely be used on both sides of the ball.

Receiving for dummies

As a bit of a catch up, here are some stats from final two games of the regular season.

Statistics versus Turku

Statistics versus Jaguars

Apologies for a lack of writing in recent weeks but as we come to the end of the season, naturally my focus has to be on playing football rather than writing about it. I will try to post next week to describe our preparations for the Maple Bowl. Because of course we’re going to win this weekend….