Two week recap……

Hey everyone,

Sorry that it’s been so long since I last posted but <insert viable excuse here>. I’m sure that you can understand.

Following that heart-wrenching loss to the Butchers two weeks ago, we once again had a very productive defensive player meeting to address some of the issues that led to the loss. Subsequently, we have seen some changes in practice over the last couple of weeks. The attitude has improved and practice has a great competitive edge to it now.

This was evident in our game last week against the Northern Lights of Oulu. We handled the 25 hour round trip very well and put in a solid performance on defence, conceding 17 points. Stats from each of the games can be found here:


Northern Lights:

The Butchers game took quite a toll on our squad. Matti Vaininen has sustained a serious knee injury and will miss the remainder of the season. Ben ‘Spider’ Webb also sustained a knee injury and is awaiting an MRI scan to determine it’s severity.

Conversely, a boost to the team has been the return of Anssi Saari, who has been playing in the UK. Anssi is a student at Loughborough University and has also spent time with the Tamworth Phoenix. Its good to have him back.

This week we face another big challenge in the form of Laaperanta Border Knights. Fresh off a 66-65 overtime victory over the Crocs last week and boasting a high powered offence, they will be brimming with confidence. It should be a great game.

Kick off is 6pm Finnish time on Sunday.