Jaguars 34 – 48 Wolverines

To start at the beginning, it seems, is possibly not the correct course of action when discussing the Wolverines. The sense of bewilderment at just how we were able to concede four touchdowns in the first quarter continues to baffle me. Not to take away from the Jaguars. They were on fire. But I am sure that they will agree, we simply weren’t playing defence. End of the first quarter: 28-14.

Thank heavens for the rain….. and the thunder…. and the lightning. Thank heavens most of all for the dawning realisation that we are actually a pretty good defence when we put our minds to it. The second quarter brought the sweet relief of competent defence and we managed to secure the win. But we’ve had enough of a scare. We are aware of one of our weaknesses and we will endeavour over the next three weeks to fix it. We will need to against the Butchers.

Stats for the game are here:

The game had another interesting aspect to it (other than the sixteen million mosquitoes that decided they wanted to take part in the game and focused their energies on chewing my right calf like a stick of Wrigleys). In every other game that I have played where lightning has stirred overhead, the officials have generally elected to pause proceedings while the storm passes. This happened in Tampere last year when hurricane Katrina’s little sister Katja swung by for some Finnish culture.

It seems that in Kangasniemi, they build their referees a little tougher than that. Never mind that we all have lightning conductors strapped to our faces, the games must go on!!!! With the lightning going off directly above our heads, the thunder sounded as if Thor had just found his girlfriend between the sheets with Jari Litmanen. Nevertheless, we continued the game, seemingly in search of that perfect moment where somebody unloads a huge tackle the opposition as the sky flashes and the thunder roars. In a storm that lasted from midway through the second quarter until the end of the game, luckily no one was electrocuted. Although it may have helped if we were.