Wild Boars, Well-Wishers and Wonderful Weather

This week has been a pretty darned good week. Thanks to all the people on Facebook (and in real life) who wished me a happy birthday. The nomadic life that I have been so lucky to lead resulted in me being fortunate enough to receive messages from 9 countries in 5 different languages. Thanks, Danke, Kiitos, Gracias, Merci, Tack…….! That’s six isn’t it?! I didn’t even include Dutch….

A revelation for this year on the sixth anniversary of my twenty-first birthday was that I received no birthday cards (Although I did get an axe from Spider….. yup. A real axe). I’ve been told that this is quite sad but its really quite refreshing. I don’t have to spend a week in my room staring at cards reminding me that A) I’m getting older and B) it’s not my birthday any more. Furthermore, I don’t need to decide how long to keep them for (as if it will somehow offend the unseeing people who sent them to chuck them away….). So if you are reading this, then in future I’ll take my birthdays like a hobo who can’t find a duvet for his park bench…. paperless. Unless the card has cash in it. Then I’ll take the card please.

Congratulations are due to the London Blitz who have secured the rights to host the EFAF Cup final in July. This week, I have taken a stab at journalism and written a little article on their opponents from Serbia – Kragujevac Wild Boars. Thanks to player / coach Stan Bedwell (formerly of Kouvola Indians and Pori Bears) for agreeing to an interview. I’ll post the article up here soon for all the world to see.

We’ve had something of a heat-wave here in Helsinki this week which has been great.


Last week’s game against the Trojans was tough with the sun battering us not only from above, but radiating off the carpet of the Velodrome too. It gets a bit like an oven in there. This week we take on the Jaguars on the road. This should be a cracking game. Our offence have been scoring at will for the past two games so we will see if the Jags can do anything to stop the onslaught. Our defence are also playing well but the Jags have a good bunch of players who can score points. As with every week, there are some tough battles to be won.