Wolverines 68 – 6 Trojans

Trojan TV’s Highlight film

Spectator’s Game Film


This was obviously a very one-sided contest. The Trojans, who had just lost their two US import players, were just no match for our high-powered offence and our strong, disciplined defence.

The blemish on our defensive record came in a 1st quarter kick-off return, which was naturally extremely frustrating. On a positive note, we played very well, particularly some of the younger guys who had the opportunity to earn their stripes.

Some stats are here but please take them with a pinch (if not a lorryload) of salt as they are slightly less than accurate. Quite how our QB caught a 35 yard pass that he threw himself, I don’t know. Hence my 1 tackle…. I did play, I promise.


Onwards now. We face the Jaguars this Sunday on the road. The defence is really working hard to build towards big things.