Fridges, Finals and Fractures

I’ve got a little bit of time to sit down and write now and my mind has gone completely blank, so i’ll just get going and see what I come up with.

This week ‘the imports’ have been employed to do a little bit of extra work on the side. Hence in the hottest week of the year by far, when we should be flexing our beach muscles up at Vuosaari, we have been spending our days lugging fridge-freezers into an apartment block in Arabia (yes, that is in Helsinki….). The work is fairly easy stuff, but what is the point in pre-season lifting if one can’t even show off one’s chesticles to the swooning damsels of Helsinki’s thriving beach culture? What’s more, I think I could have made a bit of money down the beach, selling sunglasses to protect patrons from the glare of my pasty pale skin. Thank you, Celtic parentage.

Spider and Stokes made the news this week. In a game where we scored 68 points, this is the best photo they could come up with.

In case you didn’t know, the London Blitz won their EFAF Cup semi-final last weekend and will contest the final against the Kragujevac Wild Boars from Serbia. The two teams will bid to host the event so please throw your support behind the Blitz, who have become the figureheads for British football in Europe, by clicking If you are a twitterer, do one of these #Imbackingtheblitz (I’m still not sure what this means). In my experience, European knowledge of British football is fairly limited. The Blitz are doing a great job of promoting our country so let’s get behind them. It’s either that or you leave the promotion of British football to the likes of me and Spider…… hardly poster boys.

It's nice to be nice sometimes.

A bit of bad news for all you Wolverine fans out there I’m afraid. Our Finnish national team D-lineman Ode has fractured his thumb, which will require surgery. He will be out for around 8 weeks. Get well soon matey. Meanwhile, Matthew Kidd – a good friend of mine, has just had his cast removed after breaking his wrist in a pre-season friendly for my old team, Luebeck Cougars in Germany. Good to see you back on the mend Kiddy. If you have any fracture news, please send it to me at

Hope everyone is well.



PS. I’ve started reading ‘Great Expectations’. It’s not all I thought it would be….