Weekend Action

There is an abundance of football action that I’m excited about this weekend taking place in both Britain and Finland.


London Blitz will contest their EFAF cup semi final against Denmark’s Sollerod Gold Diggers, making them the first British team to host a game at this stage of a European competition in seven years. This is exciting news for British football and its great to see teams from across the country lending their support to the Blitz on twitter and facebook. Old rivalries aside, the Blitz are doing this one for the Brits!

London Blitz in Valencia (Courtesy of David Fearn Photos)

The Blitz have done a fantastic job so far in the competition, despatching Amsterdam Crusaders and Valencia Firebats on the road to today’s game. However this will be their toughest challenge yet as they face a Gold Diggers team that rained points on the Coventry Jets and Saint Ouen l’aumone Cougars in the group stages.

The game kicks off at Finsbury Park Stadium in London at 3pm (5pm Finnish).

Good luck to the Blitz and particularly to all my friends who play for them. Rod, Charlie, Ed, Marty Party and all the Old Bulldogs. Show these Europeans what British football is made of. Me and Spider will be cheering you on from here.

Maple League

On Finnish shores there are a few very interesting games this weekend. The Roosters become the first team to make the long trip up to Oulu to face the Northern Lights. We’ll see how the journey affects them as both teams fight to get their first win on the board.

In another interesting match, the Border Knights host the Butchers this weekend. The Butchers strengthened their squad this week and it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top in this one.

Finally, our match is of course against the Trojans, who lost two of their import players this week due to a family issue. They have however upgraded their offensive line considerably since their opening week loss to the Jaguars. I’m looking forward to a good tough game against the Trojans, who pushed us hard last year. I’m not looking forward to the Velodrome, in all of its carpeted, skin-clutching glory. Long sleeves it is….

Good luck to everyone playing football this weekend.