One week in….

Well, it took a week. Just one week. Quite frankly I’m shocked. I was expecting at least two. But alas, no. It took just one week for someone to badger me for a blog post. Thank you Teemu. For you, Sir, I have a question of my own…. Where is the sofa and the piece for the washing machine? It is currently in use thanks to a nifty piece of plumbing work from yours truly that involves half a reel of electrical tape. No wonder we get the Poles to do it in Britain….

Once again, I have descended into rambling….. I will return to the matter in hand.

As my Scandinavian friend has kindly pointed out, today marks the end of my first week back in Helsinki. This begs the question…… Why has no one tried to force me into a sauna yet?!?! 7 days have passed?! In my experience this is the equivalent of an Englishman going a week without moaning about something, an Irishman going a week without a Guinness or a German neglecting sausage for seven days. Madness. If I recall correctly, by this time last year I’d experienced more dehydration than a fish in the desert.

Maybe they’ve all gone off saunas since that chap died at the World Sauna Championships (yes….. that’s what it says…) last year. Who knows? I’ll tell you something though. I’m not missing it. I can take a sauna for a few minutes, but for this lot that’s like dipping your toe in the water when everyone else is going skinny dipping. For an hour. Whilst drinking heavily. As if it isn’t quite enough to sweat uncontrollably, it seems that the diuretic properties of the nation’s favourite beverage (anything alcoholic) are also required just to really top off that dangerous feeling of light headedness….

Football-wise everything is looking good. I feel we’re going to be in for another tight race this year. So far we’ve had three practices since I arrived and everyone is looking really good. I particularly like the way the defence is shaping up this year. We’ve got four more practices this week so we’re really stepping things up to get ready for that first game against last year’s runners-up, the Seinajoki Crocodiles on the 21st May.

I’ll sign off there. The next post will be slightly more football oriented. Its good to be back in the ‘Sink.

Bam x