League Schedule Released

All three of these boys are back for 2011. Obviously we need backup for the Brits....

This news is actually a little old as it was released before I even signed with the Wolverines. But you only just found out about it so I guess it is of some use. Either that or 6 cups of coffee a day is too much and I’m beginning to go a little crazy from reading sexist, racist, ageist perfectly-politically-correct-at-the-time newspaper reports from the 1950s. Maybe….

Back to the point. The schedule for this season has been announced with games running from 20th May to the Maple Bowl on the 20th August. Very short season this year. I’ll just pop our games up on here but if you are interested in any of the others, the link is here

There have been a few major changes from last year. Primarily is the replacement of Tampere Saints with Oulu Northern Lights (in the arctic circle….). Secondly they seem to have shuffled the divisions around a bit so we will now play the Crocodiles, Trojans and Jaguars twice. This means we will only get one shot at the Roosters and Butchers in the regular season, which is a shame as we had some great contests with them last year, particularly the Roosters.

Finally, the league have said that they will be continuing to broadcast some games over the internet. I am assuming this will be the Friday games again, which means we only have two regular season games this year (which happen to be the Butchers and the Roosters….). Look out for the yellow shoes on good ‘ol number 7.

Schedule 2011

(All times Finnish – 2 hours ahead of Britain)

Saturday 21.5 –  Crocodiles vs Wolverines (16:00)

Friday 27.5 – Roosters vs Wolverines (18:30)

Sunday 5.6 – Wolverines vs Trojans (18:00)

Sunday 13.6 – Jaguars vs Wolverines (16:00)

Friday 1. 7 – Wolverines vs Butchers (18:30)

Saturday 9.7 – Northern Lights vs Wolverines (14:00)

Sunday 17.7 – Wolverines vs Raja Knights (18:00)

Sunday 24.7 – Wolverines vs Crocodiles  (18:00)

Monday 1.8 – Trojans vs Wolverines (18:30)

Sunday 7.8 – Wolverines vs Jaguar (18:00)

Semi Finals 13/14.8
1 vs 4

2 vs 3

20/08/2010 -MAPLE BOWL

Quite a packed schedule as you can see! Not too many quick turnarounds which is a good thing. Should be a great contest again this year. Last year’s was a corker!



P.S. Scally, just for you. Have you heard about the conspiracy to dig up Lenin’s grave? Apparently its part of a communist plot….