Back to the ‘Sink

Hello All,

Just a quick announcement to make. The Wolverines have offered me a contract again this year and I signed this morning. I will be returning to the fair city of Helsinki in early May, ready to fight for the Maple Bowl on 20th August.

I am extremely happy to get another shot at winning the title with the Wolverines this year. We came so close last year, when any one of 5 teams could have won it all. We’ve retained a number of the imports from last year including Cedric Johnson and Stephen Stokes. I really feel like we’ve got a great shot at building on last year’s successes.

Prior to the season I’ll be updating here sporadically just to keep everyone updated on my own personal preparation for my arrival in Helsinki. Hopefully there’ll be a few more videos and stuff to post up as we get into the season too.

It’s great to be back and I look forward to May.