End of the Season

Well hello again my friends. After a month long break, much badgering by Rodders and a couple of comments on here requesting a final posting – here it is. Not entirely sure what I’m going to write, so I’ll just get started and see what drivel I produce.

I guess the first thing to do is give a quick summation of how the season finished. As I am sure you already know, the Wolverines lost in the semi final to the eventual champions the Porvoo Butchers. Having lost to both the Wolverines and Crocodiles during the regular season, the Butchers showed their quality by defeating both teams in the playoffs to secure their sixth consecutive championship. Congratulations to the Butchers.

The semi final was obviously a tough loss to take. I think the final margin was around 14 points but the Butchers were on top for the majority of the game. Our offence struggled with the absence of JD, who you will be pleased to know is back on the mend in Memphis following a successful surgery in Finland.  He was obviously a huge physical presence on the field and was missed in that respect.  But I think that his absence may have affected both ourselves and the opposition psychologically, which is often the biggest barrier to overcome.

This is the video of the semi-final game:

Playoff 2010, Wolverines – Butchers from Vesa Peltola on Vimeo.

Stats are available here: http://www.sajl.org/images/tilastot/vl10042.shtml

This season with the Wolverines was fantastic. For the team and the fans, it was a huge improvement on last year’s 3-7 record. The coaching staff did an excellent job in recruitment, picking up some excellent Finnish additions to the team as well as some fantastic American players and of course some extremely handsome Brits….. and Dom. The team was also well stocked in the coaching department, with at least two coaches working on each side of the ball. As I understand it, this is a great improvement on previous years so it is a good sign of moving in the right direction.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Helsinki. Thank you to everyone who made our time there a happy one. Particular thanks to JD for being a great house mate and surviving the Kontula ghetto with me. Thanks to all of the Finnish guys who welcomed us onto the team. Thanks to Hannu for Wednesday saunas. Thanks to Kalle for allowing us to endure England’s dismal world cup in high definition. Thanks to Ode and Hegge for lifts to and from practice. Thanks to Teemu for…. well…. everything. Thanks to the Demons for amazing after-parties. Thanks to Peetja for looking after us. Thanks to Jan for lunch. Thanks to Jack Jones for almost getting me killed by an angry group of Taxi drivers. Thanks to Stokes for BBQ. Thanks to all of the Fans at our games whose presence was truly felt. Thanks to everyone else that I have not mentioned, you were all equally as valuable to making my experience in Finland one to remember.

Back to the real world now. I’m currently sat surrounded by books on Soviet Sport and newspaper articles from 60 years ago. I am hoping to play at least one more season of football before taking a break (again). My twenty-year quest for a championship continues.

Thank you once again.