Playoff race is hotting up

It is now certain who the four teams in the playoffs of the Maple League 2010 will be. The Wolverines beat the Saints 48-27 in a game which was stopped mid way through the first quarter for around 30 minutes while Thor unleashed his fury on the unsuspecting city of Tampere. In the weekend’s other games, the Crocs beat the Roosters in overtime and the Butchers beat Rajaritarit by four points. This means that the last two weeks of the season have developed into a race for home field advantage in the semi finals.

The Saints game was a scrappy one. We managed to come away with the victory, but it was by no means an easy task. We lost the lead early in the second half and had to battle to stop an extremely physical team from causing an upset. We made a number of mental mistakes again and hopefully we will be able to rectify that for this week’s derby game against the Roosters. The game is on Friday night and will be streamed live over the internet so you can watch for yourselves. Also, my friend Rodders is coming from England to see this one so I might let him write the next Blog posting as it could be interesting to see his point of view.

Roosters game can be seen on Friday night at 6:30 using the link below….