Holiday fun

Hello hello hello again.

Well its been a busy busy couple of weeks since our last game against Lappenranta. Due to the European Championships being held in Germany at the moment, the Maple league is having a mid-season break. Basically we’ve had a two week holiday while the tournament goes on so we have been taking the time to relax and behave like the tourists that we are. Obviously we’ve been interspersing our fun with some light training to keep in shape, but we’ve had no team training at all (We start back on tuesday).

The Lapperanta game was a bit like parents evening for us as both mine and Ben’s folks were here to sample the delights of Finnish football. The scoreline certainly didn’t disappoint, but perhaps it would have been nice to show them a bit of defence… After the game, both families went out to eat together and ordered what appeared to be the majority of a reindeer between us. Michael, on top form as usual, ensuring that nobody’s glass was in danger of becoming empty. We then proceeded to split up and myself and Ben went out with the team. The next day, mum and dad were due to leave so I met them in the early afternoon and we took a walking tour (guided by Michael) through the parks of Helsinki. As it turns out, a three and a half hour football game followed by a night on the lash can really play havoc with one’s ability to appreciate the beauty of landscape architecture.

This is in danger of turning into an extremely long post if I list everything that I have done in the last two weeks so I will refrain and try to give a brief overview. If there is anything you want to hear more about, please ask and i’ll happily tell you a story….

Last week Ben and I took in some Champions League football as HJK Helsinki squeezed past FK Ekrenas from Lithuania thanks to a last minute extra time own goal. Somehow we managed to find ourselves stood with the louder contingent of the crowd and so spent much of the game trying to join in with the songs. I managed one, which I think was directed towards the Scotsman in charge…. (The referee’s a …..). Terrible football, great fun.

Ben and I take in some Champions League Football

We also took a trip to Suomilinnia last week. This is a series of three fortified islands which stand just off the coast. One day, if I have time, I will explain the invasion plan that Dom, Ben and I hatched following a detailed examination of the Island. All we need is 70,000 Badgers, 30,000 Beavers (for bridge building) and a squadron of Great Tits…. (for air attack).


Mr December mounted my cannon

Dom getting lost in pitch black tunnels

Finally, for now, we went to watch the Women’s American Football final last weekend between the GS Demons (Coached by Teemu from our team) and the Helsinki Roosters. This was a cracking game with some big plays and excellent performances in which the Demons came out on top in overtime. We celebrated later on with the team which was great fun, even if Dom did get a little chilly…..

GS Demons - Finnish Champions

Well, I’ve been told off for making posts too long before so I’ll sign off and hopefully catch up again over the weekend. Hope you are still enjoying what little posting I am doing. Back into full on training today….