I’ve been on holiday!! Yep, that’s right a holiday.

On Thursday last week, we took the 8am ferry (complete with Finns drinking hard booze at the bar) to Tallinn, Estonia. Having heard bad things about the place from a few Finnish people, I have to say was somewhat apprehensive. Immediately upon arrival and for every moment since, my assertion has been that Finnish people are crazy and need to get out more (no more sweeping generalisations – I promise). Tallinn is probably the most beautiful city I have ever seen. The old town (from which we never ventured) is  full of amazingly preserved 14th – 16th Century architecture. The main square is dominated by the oldest town hall in Europe, which towers above the many Bavarian-style beer houses – complete with staff in traditional clothing and house-brewed beer. Many of the town’s fortifications are still standing proudly, including two large cannon towers. Simply put, go to Tallinn. I will be going back there during the summer break.

On Sunday we took a trip to the Aussie bar to witness the humiliation of England by it’s shameful football team. The less said here the better, but I think it is plainly obvious that the FA needs a massive rethink on the way we take football from grass roots to international level. This whole world cup has been an embarrassment for England.

Rant over. We have the Butchers this week. They are 5-0 defending champions for the last few years if anyone is interested. We have to have a good week at practice this week and really come out of the gate flying. I think that this game means more to the Finnish players than any other we’ve played so far. After the short break we are getting back into the routine we are used to so I’m off to the gym now.



PS – Did some Uni work today! WOOT