Bad Bambino

Erm… sorry? Will that suffice? No…? Well it’s about as good as I can give I’m afraid.

It has been brought to my attention that in my last post that I promised more details tomorrow. These details failed to appear for one reason or another (I blame the wizards in cyberspace rather than my laziness).  Well apparently there are a few people who still show an interest in the blog and some (including Mrs Doss and our general manager) who rely on it for updates on what is happening here in the ‘sink. To all of you, I apologise. It won’t happen again (maybe).

So since the last posting we have played another game. This time we took on the Turku Trojans on Friday night. This was our second game to be streamed live on internet TV. You can see all of the season’s streams so far at

The game finished with a 28-11 victory to leave us 4-1 going into our game against Porvoo in two weeks. As it is midsummer this week, we have no game and apparently all of Finland migrates to their summer cottages to get drunk for a few days.

Away from football, most of my time has been taken up with watching the world cup. We have watched the two shameful England performances at our friend Kalle’s house and been adequately infuriated. Hopefully there will be an improvement on Wednesday but it is beginning to feel like we are prolonging the inevitable. Perhaps the Slovenians will do the decent thing and put us to the sword before the Germans get a chance. A kind of footballing euthanasia if you will.

Anyway I will endeavour to keep you up to date as we go along. It is pretty difficult to write a blog with such retrospection.