Busy week!

Hi All,

Been a few days so have neglected the writing somewhat. Considering I thought I was going to have a lot of free time on my hands, my days seem fairly packed at the moment. We trained three times this week following our loss to the Roosters, trying to balance correcting the mistakes of last week with preparing for the Crocodiles this Sunday. Hopefully we will be in good shape this week. I think that the loss to the Roosters has given me the motivation to not repeat the same mistakes. I have been working hard on fundamentals which were lacking in the last couple of weeks. A quick note of thanks here to Coach Wake at Carnegie University for helping me out with some film critique of my own performances.

Away from football I have been pretty busy too. I went out on Wednesday night with Dom, JD and Spider for a few drinks and ended up in an Irish pub where JD was able to sample his first ever pint of Guinness – at a rather outrageous cost of almost 7 Euros. The unfortunate thing about Guinness is that it has a habit of helping you to forget how much you are paying for it and we were soon able to blow a decent chunk of this months wages.

I also managed to do my first bit of sightseeing on Wednesday as I took a trip to the Sports Museum of Finland. I’ve put a few photos in of the museum, which has an extremely good collection, including exhibits on the 1952 Helsinki Olympics and famous Finnish sports stars such as Paavo Nurmi and Jari Litmanen.

Olympic Medals from the 1952 Helsinki Olympics

Paavo Nurmi and the Olympic Stadium

Jari Litmanen's Ajax Shirt

Mika Hakkinen's race suit

My Shoes!!!!!

Yesterday we took a day of recovery to ensure that we are fit for Sunday. This began with a trip to a physiotherapist who helped to iron out some stiffness in my back. Following this, we all took a trip down to the local pool for some ‘ice therapy’. The most I could manage going neck deep was 2 minutes. It’s pretty chilly. Unsurprisingly for Finland, there is also a Sauna at the pool, which we popped into to heat back up again. What did surprise me however, was the sign outside that read: ‘No swimsuits allowed’. It seems that the accepted practice is to enter the sauna, whip your cozzie off and sit on it. I understand that Finns may love to Sauna in the nude, but to actually ban clothing seems somewhat excessive.

Crocs game tomorrow – 18:00 local time. Will again post the result asap.