Bonjour from Sunny Suomi

Well hello there everyone. Welcome to yet another of my attempts to write a blog, that will inevitably end in about a week’s time. Previous attempts include ‘I hate sweaty backpackers’, ‘Team Nambodia’ and a similar blog to this one in 2006, when I played football in Germany.  All of these have been both poorly published and had a tiny readership. No doubt this pattern will continue. I make no promises that this will entertain you.  Smiley face.

Well with that little disclaimer out of the way, I will get started. Since my arrival in the ‘Sink last week, a lot of you have taken the time out to ask me how I’m getting on. Unfortunately I fear I may have been somewhat neglectful in my responses, only giving you a couple of lines of drivel regarding training and sunshine. I apologise for this, but I sometimes find it difficult to repeat the same things over and over. Thus, I have decided to jot down some of the detail of my summer adventure for all to see. This may seem impersonal, but please don’t take this as a replacement for real conversation. I would still love to hear from you. I just fear that I may have a lot to tell every time we speak so this will help us along the way.

So that’s the introductory posting. I hope you enjoyed it. Love to you all from Sunny Suomi.