Football Matters

Seeing as it’s the reason I’m here, I’d better start with football.

The team is a great group. There are around 35 – 40 Finnish players who are all excellent by European standards. We also have 6 Import players. Ben (Spider) Webb – WR, Dom Olney – WR and myself are the 3 British representatives. We also have 3 American players – Cedric Johnson – QB, Stephen (H2O) Stokes – RB, and Joe (JD) Doss – RB. As you can see we are pretty loaded with imports in the offensive skill positions.

So far we have spent quite a lot of time in practice trying to get up to speed with the playbooks etc. In my first week of arrival we had one or two practices per day on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  In the second week it has been much the same although with our first game on Sunday, we won’t be practicing tomorrow.

We also train in the gym on most days. Our gym is absolutely amazing. It is a public facility much like our very own beloved leisure centres in Britain. The main difference is that in Finland they build the facilities for participation in sport rather than for recreational activities. There are full competition standard indoor Athletics facilities, 3 multi sports hall areas, a full competition gymnasium and then work out equipment. For those who are interested, my current PB on the high jump is 1m 55cm.

The team is looking very impressive. We have many weapons on offence who should move the ball well and rack up the points. We also have an intelligent, athletic defence who have worked hard in preseason to get up to speed for day one of the season.

Our first game is on Sunday night at home against the Tampere Saints (18:00 Local time, 16:00 BST). I will post an update on here as soon as I can after the game, but if you can’t wait then check for the scores.